Flying Cosmic Cat Non-Slip Mouse Pad


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Take a celestial journey right from your desk with our enchanting cosmic cat mouse pad. The design features a sophisticated black and white silhouette of a cat, its form filled with a serene night sky scene. Inside the sleek outline, you’ll discover a tranquil landscape of majestic mountains under a starlit sky, creating a striking contrast. Around this cosmic feline are planets, adding a touch of the vast universe’s mystery to your workspace. This unique and artistic design brings together the intrigue of space and the charm of our feline companions, creating a backdrop for your daily tasks and gaming sessions.

Crafted for both beauty and practicality, the mouse pad is made with a smooth polyester surface that perfectly captures the high-resolution vibrancy of the cosmic cat design. The bottom is lined with 100% natural rubber, ensuring a non-slip grip for uninterrupted browsing and gaming precision. Measuring 9.5″ × 8″ (24.1cm × 20.3cm) with a thickness of 0.1” (3mm), it’s designed to support both optical and laser mice, making it a versatile choice for every user. With its anti-fray edges and durable construction, this cosmic cat mouse pad is built to last, offering a slice of the cosmos that remains timeless against the wear and tear of daily use.

9.5″ × 8″
Width, in 9.50
Height, in 8.00


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