Experience the Dark

Expert Tips for Exploring the Night Sky

Stargazing is Our Passion

As avid stargazing RVers, we love sharing our dark sky trips here at RWT Adventures. Read some of our informative stargazing articles, get inspired by our travel videos, or use our light pollution map to plan for your next astrotourism trip!

Gear You’ll Love

If there is one thing we have learned over many years of travel, it is that the correct gear matters. If you are camping, RVing, hiking, stargazing, sand sledding, or participating in any other number of outdoor activities, we have you covered.

We always work hard to find the best products that we would use and hopefully you find amazing too. It might not be the most popular opinion, but it will always be gear you can rely on.

RWT Adventures Takacs Family with Preston Grayson Alison and Jason

Corporate Collaborations

Scroll right or left through our carousel to see some of the great companies we have

helped create content for and several of which we continue to proudly work alongside.

If you are an outdoor company passionate about exploration, we would love to collaborate with you.

RWTAdventures Google Pixel Astrophotography of Pines and the Milky Way

From Stargazing to Astrophotography

As avid stargazers who specifically plan our trips around the phases of the moon and other celestial events, you know we take the night sky seriously. We would be thrilled to share our passion for our hobby with you!

Learn all about stargazing, astrophotography, astrourism, and much more along the way.

Outdoor Ambassadors

As proud ambassadors for multiple years to both Jayco and Thor Industries, we enjoy teaching others about everything from stargazing and arriving late at a campsite to how we enjoy a great view from our travel trailer and also how much money RVing saves us versus traditional travel. You can find plenty of our articles covering numerous topics on their websites as well as their social media platforms.

Why RV?

With so many options for travel, we have found RVing to be the best for us. See why we love to travel all over the U.S. in our Jayco Jay Flight!

  • saves lots of money over hotels
  • our own private bathroom and not just a pit toilet
  • still able to camping in the hot Texas summers
  • so much more storage than a tent and a trunk
  • able take our dogs on all our trips
  • the list seriously goes on and on!
RWT Adventures RVing in a Storm

Our Free Course on Campground Etiquette

In collaboration with Roadpass University, we created a class on campground etiquette for both new campers learning about the outdoors and seasoned campers that might want a refresher. Our goal is to help everyone treat each other with respect in the great outdoors.

Don’t have time for the course? Try reading our Ultimate Guide to Campground Etiquette we made for Campendium.

Our Promise

We only recommend places and products we believe in and will only share locations and shopping items we can stand behind. We have a “no nonsense” approach and value your trust way more than a little extra money!