Are you ready for some horrible jokes?

Here are some stargazing dad jokes you might enjoy if you are into the night sky. Enjoy!

Stargazing Dad Jokes

Stargazing Dad Jokes

  • Why did the meteor sign up for theater class?

    A: Because it wanted to be a “star”!

  • What’s a stargazer’s favorite part of a computer?

    A: The space bar!

  • How do you organize a star party?

    A: You “planet”!

  • What’s an astronaut’s favorite candy bar?

    A: Mars bar!

  • Why did the astronaut break up with the Moon?

    A: Because it had too much space in the relationship!

  • Why was the comet so popular at parties?

    A: Because it had a “tail” for every story!

  • What did the astronaut use to keep his pants up?

    A: An asteroid belt!

  • Why did the stargazer bring a ladder camping?

    A: Because he wanted to reach for the stars!

  • How do you know when the Moon has had enough to eat?

    A: When it’s full!

  • What did one star say to the other star?

    A: “You’re out of this world!”

  • What kind of music do planets like to listen to?

    A: Nep-tunes!

  • Why did the astronaut cross the road?

    A: To get to the other side…of the galaxy!

  • What do you call a star that’s good at singing?

    A: A rock star!

  • What do you call a star that’s good at math?

    A: A “star”tistician!

  • Why did the Sun go to school?

    A: To get brighter!

  • What do you call a fish that lives in outer space?

    A: A starfish!

  • What kind of star is always angry?

    A: A red giant!

  • Why did the Moon break up with the Sun?

    A: Because it was too hot to handle!

  • Why did the cow want to become an astronaut?

    A: So she could see the Milky Way!

  • Why didn’t the Dog Star laugh at the joke?

    A: It was too Sirius!

  • Why did the astronaut take a broom into space?

    A: To clean up the stardust!

  • How do you know when the moon is going broke?

    A: When it’s down to its last quarter!

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The Takacs Family

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We are avid stargazers Jason and Alison Takacs also known as Roadtrippin’ with Takacs. With our two boys Preston and Grayson, we seek out some of the darkest skies in the country while also going on many incredible hiking and other outdoor adventures. As part-time RVers, we try to see as much of this amazing world as possible in our spare time and hope you will join us through this blog on RWT Adventures and other forms of social media as we explore the night sky and other natural wonders as hardcore astrotourists.